IBS – Eliminate gut problems without drugs


Having digestive problems?

I know it can be even disabling.

Stressed to go out? Taking loads of pills? Feeling miserable? Don't know how to eat? Don't know what to do...


You might have tried different things but nothing worked?


Are you dissapointed with your GP advice?


Or maybe you thought you nailed it but then came the next onset of pain and trouble?


This blog is all about:

  • finding the underlying causes of your digestive problems

  • advice on what you can do about it

  • taking back control of your life, enjoying life again



Until now IBS was thought to be incurable. But with emerging research we are getting much more tools now to manage and even cure IBS symptoms.

Monash University

Discovered that many IBS sufferers is intolerant to FODMAPs

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Research shows that for many people treating SIBO helps with IBS as well.

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Functional medicine

FM practicioners like Dr. Kresser or Dr. Hyman are succesfully treating IBS with holistic approach

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We can do it too!

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